Individual Coaching

Trauma-Informed Life Coaching

This is a unique type of coaching specifically designed for trauma survivors who have received counseling to address their trauma and now they are desiring to take the next steps toward meeting their life goals.  It's time to believe in yourself, to lay hold of your dreams and move forward!  You've taken your power back!  Now take action toward your future!

Individual coaching for licensed professional counselors who are interested in private practice

If you have completed or are about to complete your graduate degree in counseling, you know that college does not always adequately prepare you for private practice.  In Texas, associates can now have their private practices while earning hours for full licensure.  However, this creates an interesting challenge.  How do you attract clients if you cannot take insurance directly and you cannot be an EAP provider in most cases?  

On the other hand, if you are fully licensed but have been working for a hospital, treatment center or other agency, how do you successfully transition from the agency to private practice?  What are the first steps?  

Coaching can assist in the following ways: 

Individual coaching for educators who are interested in making a transition either within education, in changing careers or in creating their own businesses

The field of education has within it unique challenges that can sometimes make career decisions difficult.  You can feel trapped in your current position because of needing steady income, benefits, etc. and the thought of either returning to school to move upward or starting a brand new career or even owning your own business can seem beyond daunting on top of the stress that you already experience.  

It is one thing to seek coaching.  It is another to be coached by a former educator who made multiple transitions successfully.  Coaching can help in the following ways: