Professional Development for Educators


The Brain, The Behavior and The Boundaries

Trauma affects the brain. Behavior is communication. Negative behavior may communicate trauma. Establishing boundaries without empathy may increase the behavior due to triggering the brain into a fight response.

Surprise! It's Spa Day!

This is an opportunity for your staff to take care of themselves through fun activities, learning how to self-care on a continual basis and to increase the closeness of relationships!

Trauma Informed or Trauma Ignored?

When we think of a school being trauma informed, we often think of having strategies in our tool box to assist students with trauma-related triggers. However, what about the adults who work with students? They have trauma too! It needs to be validated and addressed, not denied and suppressed! Participants will walk away with tools to address their own triggers, as well as with a heightened awareness of possible triggers in other adults.

The Unspoken Rules of New Teacher Survival

New teachers sometimes miss the unspoken rules of campus culture. This workshop provides an opportunity for new teachers to build and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders, including office staff, fellow teachers, administrators, parents and other school employees.

Please Pass the Salt!

For administrators who want to build capacity so that others can pick up where they have left off, this offering provides individual and/or group consultation. This offering includes guidance regarding organization of materials, creating and gathering instructions and decisions related to training of other employees.

Candy and Co-Teaching: One Melts in Your Hands, The Other Can Melt Your Heart!

This fun and engaging workshop helps co-teachers to strengthen their relationships and to teach more effectively using specific research-based instructional strategies.

Don't Cry! It's Just Pre-K RTI!

Pre-K Response to Intervention can be challenging at best and almost impossible at worst. Utilize this session to address collaborative teaming, stakeholder support and challenges within instructional settings.

The Power of Life Transitions

This is a self-care session. Both personal and professional life transitions can be positive, but can also be grievous. This day is dedicated to learning how to weather the storms of transitions while taking care of you!

Become an Administrator...Someday!

This session is specifically designed for those who wish to become school administrators. It includes but is not limited to self-care, encouragement and skills for taking on new projects and how to receive real-world training opportunities for the future.

Love the Child: Love the Family

Parent engagement has become an increasing priority within early childhood circles. Please request this session to increase parent engagement through new ideas, through tackling the realistic challenges and through building a collaboration within your community.

Early Childhood Inclusion: The Icky, The Picky and The Downright Sticky

Early childhood inclusion can be icky, picky and sticky due to the various settings, the necessary internal and sometimes external partnerships and the various instructional challenges that exist within settings. This workshop is an opportunity to not only learn new strategies, but to work together to solve local issues.

The HOT Early Childhood Classroom

Yes, young children can learn through advanced instructional strategies that promote higher order thinking skills! This workshop teaches participants the ropes!

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