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Professional Coaching

First Steps

Begin with professional coaching that enhances your own growth, whether you desire to bloom where you are planted or are interested in promotion.

Early Childhood Administrator's Preference

This is an intense coaching package for administrators of early childhood programs. Be ready for change!

Early Childhood Platinum Pack

Create a buffet of services that can include coaching, classroom and campus observations and honest feedback regarding your campus/district.

Professional Development

It's All About You!

Book any of the following presentations for your group of educators now!

Become an Administrator--Someday!

The Unspoken Rules of New Teacher Survival

The Power of Life Transitions

Trauma-Based vs. Power-Based Decision-Making

Please Pass the Salt!

Focusing on the Classroom!

Book these classroom-related topics now!

Candy and Co-Teaching: One Melts on Your Hands, the Other Can Melt Your Stress

Early Childhood Inclusion: The Icky, The Picky and the Downright Sticky!

The HOT Early Childhood Classroom

Don't Cry! It's Just Pre-K RTI!

Love the Child, Love the Family!

The Brain, The Behavior and The Boundaries

First Steps for Parents

Begin with deciding whether you want your child educated in public, public charter, private or in a homeschool setting.

Parents as Teachers Homeschooling Package

Become a more effective homeschooling teacher by improving your instructional skills!

Parents as Partners Pack

Offer either individual coaching sessions and/or a professional training to a parent group.

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